Powerful data-driven solutions for the world’s most critical problems

Shore leverages the talent of hundreds of developers, data scientists, and
strategists from across the globe, spanning the U.S., the UK, and India. We are inspired to tackle
the largest data problems in the world’s leading industries because we believe that
understanding is the beginning of progress.


Capital Markets
Shore has an extensive track record of lasting data solutions for buy-side and sell-side clients, and finance data providers. For many years, some of the largest financial institutions have trusted Shore with their most critical data problems.

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Academia & Ed-tech
Robust and accurate researcher profiles and solutions for medical schools.
Some of the largest problems facing the academic space involve data management and performance assessments through data-driven methodologies. We have created technology solutions for the academic and ed-tech industries to help address their data and workflow needs.

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Pharmaceuticals & Biotech
We know that the success of innovation sourcing, drug discovery, pre-clinical trials, and clinical trials hinges on data-driven insights at the macro and micro resolutions. Shore provides pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as service providers services to make smarter decisions about potential collaboration partners and areas for investment.
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Government Agencies
Federal, state, and local government organizations need to make high-stake decisions around research funding and collaboration. Shore has built a suite of technological and domain expertise, from deep learning algorithms to specialized developer skillsets, to facilitate decisions for funders offering grants and awards in life sciences and beyond.

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Non-profits & Foundations
Take the guesswork out of finding, funding, and connecting researchers with Shore’s suite of tools and services. We know that allocating donor funds to maximize impact is a critical challenge in the non-profit sector. Charitable research centers and foundations are integral for the advancement of both basic and applied sciences and should have access to the best options.
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Flexible solutions that work for you on your own terms
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