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“Shore Group’s managed services allowed StarCompliance to scale critical functions to provide a high-level of service to our clients while keeping costs well below budget.”
Ed Vincent


Leading RegTech Platform Keeps Global Firms Compliant

StarCompliance is a leading provider of compliance technology solutions. Trusted globally by enterprise financial firms in more than 83 countries, the STAR Platform empowers organizations to achieve regulatory compliance while safeguarding their integrity and business reputations.

Through a configurable, 360-degree view of employee activity, STAR software enables firms to automate the detection and resolution of potential areas of conflict while streamlining daily workflows and increasing efficiency.

A Costly Challenge

StarCompliance needed to ramp up data processing and client implementations to grow the business, but both functions were getting very expensive and digging into their bottom line.

In order to maintain their lead in an increasingly competitive market, StarCompliance needed to reduce marginal costs while increasing production and implementation volume.

This is much easier said than done, as it involves optimizing processes, leveraging new technology, and onboarding new people.


Cost Reduction Per Client


Production Increase


Increase in Client


Increased Volume Fuels Growth & Customer Satisfaction

StarCompliance didn’t have the resources they needed and knew it would take too long to do everything in-house. It was crucial to move quickly as the longer they maintained the status quo, the more money and opportunity was lost.

StarCompliance partnered with Shore Group to quickly grow their data processing, customer success, and professional services functions. Shore’s deep data security expertise was critical to ensuring StarCompliance’s sensitive data was processed securely as production volume increased dramatically.

In just 3 weeks, StarCompliance was able to flip bottlenecks into efficient processes fueling growth and customer satisfaction.

Efficiency & Volume Extend Market Lead

By partnering with Shore Group, StarCompliance was able to increase monthly production volume by 500% while reducing costs per client by 60%. In addition to the data processing gains, the newly streamlined processes and larger team were able to complete 123% more client implementations in 22% less time. This powerful combination of lower costs and increased production allowed StarCompliance to refocus key resources and budget on more strategic work, driving product enhancements and customer success.

These differentiators help StarCompliance deliver value more efficiently and effectively to clients and extend their leadership position in the marketplace.

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