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“Moving our services from our previous vendor to Shore Group has dramatically reduced costs while increasing our production capabilities and providing us with the opportunity to double the support of our business in the last three years.”

Ed D’Onofrio


Data Service Provider Powering Institutional Investment

Private Market Connect (“PMC”) is a data service provider, providing institutional investors with accurate transparency into the lifecycle of their investments. PMC focuses on scaling, automating, and normalizing the investment data flow, ultimately resulting in straight-through processing.

Costly Challenge

PMC’s platform relies on accurate, comprehensive financial data and speed to market. To accomplish this, PMC was working with a global BPO firm to perform manual data extraction and quality checks. Because the process was entirely manual, the BPO firm was struggling with slow turnaround time and high costs due to scaling production. This slowed down PMC’s speed to market, hurting its competitive differentiation and bottom line.


Increase in production


Faster data processing


Cost reduction

From Bottleneck to Competitive Advantage

PMC’s CEO knew the company needed to increase production scale and speed to position its platform as a market leader. However, scaling its manual processes was cost-prohibitive and PMC’s CEO realized automation was the key to reaching the company’s goals.

PMC partnered with Shore Group to reinvent its data operations by leveraging technology and a team of data experts to intelligently automate its processes. Data operations quickly went from a bottleneck slowing down growth, to a powerful competitive advantage fueling growth.

Scale & Speed Take PMC To Market Leader

The decision to focus on technology paid off quickly. 50% of PMC’s previously manual data acquisition, data extraction, and data entry processes were automated.

By leveraging automation and the Shore Group team, PMC was able to increase production by 150% while improving speed to market by 89%, reducing processing time from 37 days to just 4 days.

This newfound speed and scale helped position PMC as a market leader, resulting in 200% client growth.

Not only was the decision to partner with Shore Group great for growth, but the transition also reduced costs by 45%, freeing up budget to reinvest in crucial initiatives.

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