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Life Sciences Data Collection & Master Data Management

“Partnering with Shore Group allowed us to quickly build our dataset and proprietary data management application, allowing us to get our product to market quickly.”
Ariel Katz


HealthTech Platform Creating a Healthier Future

H1 is a healthcare technology company that connects stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem for greater collaboration and discovery. H1 is focused on creating a healthier future by enabling smarter scientific decisions through access to critical data.

A Costly Challenge

H1’s platform relies on terabytes of data from thousands of sources that need to be accurately collected, mastered, and updated frequently. Speed to market is critical to their value proposition and a key differentiating factor, separating them from the rest of the market. To execute effectively, H1 needed to develop new processes and build a large DataOps team from scratch in less than three months.

As a young team with limited resources racing to compete in a growing market, this presented a number of costly operational challenges.



Cost Reduction


Production Increase



HCPs Collected & Mastered

Competitive Advantage Fuels Growth

H1 realized they didn’t have the time or budget they needed to build out data operations on their own to compete effectively. They needed a cost-effective way to grow their team >10x and develop new processes to support the drastic production increase in just a few months.

H1 partnered with Shore Group to quickly develop efficient processes, leverage technology, and staff their team with subject matter experts, engineers, and analysts. In less than 90 days, H1 gained a powerful competitive advantage, further differentiating their platform and fueling growth.

Coverage & Speed Establish H1 as Market Leader

By partnering with Shore Group, H1 was able to increase daily production volume by 900% which enabled them to bring their product to market with wide data coverage in months rather than years. The accelerated production speed meant faster turnaround time for data updates, improving data accuracy across the board.

Given the wide coverage of accurate data and regular updates keeping records up to date, H1 was able to quickly establish itself as a market leader, accelerating revenue growth in the process.

In addition to the scale and speed improvements, the partnership with Shore Group also saved H1 more than $7.5MM, freeing up budget to reinvest in product development, sales and marketing.

To learn more about H1, visit their website here.

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