Capital Markets

Understand the funds, companies, and people who constitute
the world’s largest public and private organizations.

How We Help

Shore has an extensive track record of lasting data solutions for buy-side and sell-side clients, and finance data providers. For many years, some of the largest financial institutions have trusted Shore with their most critical data problems. We have developed the technology and domain expertise to deliver on any data collection, maintenance, or architecture projects in the world of capital markets.

Common beneficiaries of our data include

  • Chief Data Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Director of Research
  • Head of Market Data

Example Datasets for License

  • Public Companies

    In-depth and up-to-date information on 125,000 executives, at 16,000 public companies, representing the most reputable indexes around the world. Our dataset contains comprehensive records ranging from individualized contact information and executive compensation to comprehensive company profiles.

  • Private Capital Funding

    A dataset for anyone seeking powerful, actionable insights into the world of private equity and venture capital. Detailed records of the top 2,500 firms and their 65,000 upper level managers create an easily customizable micro and macro view of funding.

  • ETF Data

    Use a dataset of all global equity ETFs mapped to Bloomberg and the Thompson Security Master File- updated daily.


  • Data Management

    Shore has worked with buy-side and sell-side clients, and market data firms to normalize and structure their market data and internal data repositories of research and client data. Engagements include normalizing historical client data, unstructured market data, identifying the right market data provider, and entity matching of all internal and external data feeds.

  • Custom Data Collection Initiatives

    We specialize in partnering with companies who need a dataset collected that can be used in their products or for internal research. These companies range from start-ups to large fortune 5000 companies. We have experience collecting a diverse set of market data.

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