Government Agencies

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How We Help

Federal, state, and local government organizations need to make high-stake decisions around research funding and collaboration. Shore has built a suite of technological and domain expertise, from deep learning algorithms to specialized developer skillsets, to facilitate informed decisions for funders offering grants and awards in life sciences and beyond.

Spotlighted Use-Cases

  • Disambiguation of researcher metadata

    Shore works hard to take stock of researchers at your institution and link publications, patents/IP, grants, awards, and clinical trial records to the correct faculty researchers, opening up countless opportunities for data-driven insights and newfound, powerful connections.

  • Lead generation for collaboration and RFPs

    Leverage metadata to scope out the ideal audiences for specialized projects and teams across a range of institutions and disciplines.

  • Opportunity and IP sourcing

    Effectively identify fruitful opportunities for partnerships and collaboration, as well as ready-made research IP for acquisition or further-development.

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