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Shore Group Associates harnesses the power of technology and hands-on research expertise to create Smart Data solutions – yielding clean, organized, actionable data from which to extract relevant information and insight.

Shore partners with organizations to craft content strategy plans or tackle specific content challenges such as:

  • Collecting a new data set
  • Building collection tools and databases
  • Establishing a content quality control framework
  • Integrating in-house and third-party data
  • Transforming data for ingesting into internal or external tools
  • Vendor replacement

Shore draws upon content technology (design, engineering, testing), primary research (both phone and web-based), and content licensing and integration experience to collect new content sets (for which an in-house team lacks domain expertise), to accelerate collection efforts (by supplementing an existing team), or to optimize current collection tools and processes.

Shore’s US-based project managers, business analysts and data analysts capture requirements and validate solutions face-to-face with business stakeholders, and then leverage long-tenured colleagues in Shore’s ISO-certified delivery center to perform secure data collection, cleansing and transformation.

Our Value Proposition:

  • Establish scalable content infrastructure
  • Turn content and processes into strategic assets that yield competitive advantages
  • Eliminate the distraction of running content operations; focus in-house resources on value-added, differentiating work
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